Trump Tracker is dedicated to track the Trump administration’s policies and its results with objectivity in CHARTS. It tracks the progress of President Trump’s campaign promises by presenting executive orders, legislation, and budgets. It then interprets and tracks the historical impact on economy, jobs, border security, immigration, climate change, election results, job approval rates, and more in easy-to-read charts and maps.

For further understanding of their policies, you can access the Trump administration’s key personnel profiles. These include the White House officials, cabinets, federal agencies and ambassadors, and provide information on their backgrounds, political views and quotes.


• Trump Admin’s Key Personnel Twitter Feed
Executive Branch Directory
• Presidential Executive Orders, Memoranda, Proclamations
• Signed Legislation
• Trump Rallies & State of the Union
• Campaign Promises and Progress % in Charts
FY2019 Federal Budget in Charts
Job and Economy in Charts
• Border Security & Immigration in Charts
• Climate Change in Charts
• President Job Approval Polls in Charts

Hot Topic Polls in Charts
• Compare Job Performance by President in Charts
• Media Coverage Trends in Charts

• Contact the President
• Foreign Trips – Maps, Speeches, and Geopolitics
Election Results in Charts
Tax Cut & Job Act 2017 – new vs old, simulate tax savings
• White House, Cabinet, Fed Agency, Ambassador Profiles
• Inauguration
Notification Alert on executive orders, legislation, economy & job data, border security data, and more. (English and Japanese OS devices only)

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