Trump Tracker is dedicated to track the Trump administration’s policies and its results with objectivity in CHARTS. It tracks the progress of President Trump’s campaign promises by presenting executive orders, legislation, and budgets. It then interprets and tracks the historical impact on economy, jobs, border security, immigration, climate change, election results, job approval rates, and more in easy-to-read charts and maps.


• Trump Admin’s Key Personnel Twitter Feed
• POTUS Schedule
• Presidential Executive Orders, Memoranda, Proclamations
• Signed Legislation
• Trump Rallies & State of the Union Videos
• Campaign Promises and Progress Charts
Job and Economy Charts
Border Security & Immigration Charts
• President Job Approval Polls
Hot Topic Polls
• Compare Job Performance by President
Contact the President
• Senate & House Activities
• Foreign Trips – Maps, Speeches, and Geopolitics
Election Results
• White House, Cabinet, Fed Agency, Ambassador Profiles

• Executive Branch Directory
Notification Alert on executive orders, legislation, economy & job data, border security data, and more. (English and Japanese OS devices only)

App Reviews:

“This is the first time in my lifetime 67. That I am able to find anything about our gov-I would love to see apps like this at local and state level gov also.” – Wdtractor1

Behind the scenes
“I keep watching the same stories over and over. I’m so thankful I found actual coverage that keeps up with my President. It’s like watching behind the scenes. He does so much more than what I see on television. I wish people knew how hard he works. God bless Mr. Trump and all that work with him.” – NeverDeviate

Highly recommend
This is a high­ly in­for­ma­tive app that main­tains the high trans­parency that our Pres­i­dent’s Ex­ec­u­tive branch has demon­strat­ed over the past four years. I found this app to be very sim­ple to nav­i­gate and easy to un­der­stand. I ap­pre­ci­ate the ac­cess that this app af­fords every­day cit­i­zens like my­self, it’s high­ly un­prece­dent­ed and great­ly ap­pre­ci­at­ed. – LeiLou<3

Most useful app I have
There are so many things I like about this app, I could write a short story. Let me tell you about my three favorites. First, you’re notified every time Trump speaks. Every time. That means every time. Second, You can see the president’s and many other’s tweets without getting on Twitter! Finally, third, For $.99 a month, you get ALL the information on important legislation in Congress. – Megin AL

“I check this everyday first, to pray for whatever the President has on schedule, also because of the Chinese virus to see what time the task force press conference will be, if there is one. No, it is not like a rally, but a vital channel to know national progress and to get accurate information. Just wish the fake news had better manners. Thank you.” – Sunnyejk

Lil Earl 913
“This is one of, if not the best app for getting the ‘411’ on what’s ‘really ‘ going on in Washington. NO SPIN TWITTER FEEDS , NO TRUMP HATING COMMENTS FROM TRUMP HATERS JUST pertinent information from everyone in his cabinet that matters! A TRULY GREAT APP!” – Babyman913

I love my president
I love this app! It is so great to hear everything right from The President, The First Lady, and The Press Secretary! The mainstream media lies so much, no one can get the truth from them. Thanks for this app! – ackreba

“Love this app. Don’t have to filter through all the fake media and their crap. You can read “real time” about what the President is doing and not have to second guess other sources based upon how they skew things. Love this…regardless of what side of the aisle you favor, this info is good for all to make their own informed decisions.” – SBP52 team

See and hear the real deal
“Since its inception I’ve been following here. I couldn’t understand friends negative attitude to Donald so had a look at the msm coverage. Wow what a shock. A complete misrepresentation of what he is really about. I refer as many as I can to Trump Tracker. Keep up your amazing effort Sir, and God bless and protect you.” – Aussie

Straight from the source
“Trump tracker should be on every phone in the country. No filters, no spin, no bulls*+t. I see live events start to finish, mega posts from pundits. All state visits, proclamations, bills that are signed are right here. Trumps cabinet members and VP activities all here too. A one stop shop straight from the horses mouth, not second hand bias from Fake News. Great stuff!” – The Common Thread

As good as C-SPAN
“Great way to see what has been done and what our President is doing for America!” – A1Vance

Great connection
It’s nice to have a connection with the president on what’s going on in the world. We cant depend on the news anymore. Many Thanks – AAASteven

Just the app I was looking for
Everything I need to know in one spot! Thank you! 🙏🏽❤️🤍💙🇺🇸. – mayhemiller

great app
i like the ease of keeping up with our Presidents schedule. especially to know when President Trump will be doing news conference so i can watch and get first hand news. – rorobill

The only 100% trusted news source
The only 100% trusted news – B&K flying hot dog

Straight from the horses mouth – rstarnes50

As in the words of the great 45
Unbelievable!! This app is a must! Amazing! – Einstein503

Trump Tracker is a Terrific Source of Information!
“Whether you are looking for contact information for Executive Branch departments, the President’s schedule, updates on coronavirus, or if you want to have an organized list of achievements for this Administration, this is an excellent up-to-date source of information. And much more! And you can watch any of the President’s speeches or rallies you might have missed” – Delighted iPhone Owner

Real Time Trump News
“No need to tune in to CNN for news anymore. I use the Trump Tracker every day” – BNP team

Awesome idea but…
“This app is very useful and quite enjoyable. Trump supporter or not, everyone should have this app” – Chxrliee

Best app for Trump stats
“This app has everything about Trump you could ask for. It has all of his Twitter feed, statistics on polls, a listing of his executive orders and more. Best 99 cents a month deal out there!” – Pamera717

Great way to get news
“I found the app very useful. A great way to get news about our government at work. Many of these updates do not make the main stream news.” – Roger’s Account

“Keeps me informed about the President and his administration versus being fed lies and misinformation by the so-called main stream media. Keep up the good work.” – Bob S.

“I don’t like social media, like Twitter, and don’t have any accounts. I love your Trump Tracker to keep in the loops of the happenings at the White House. Thanks” – Eurobella

“Very transparent and frank…” – Entjames